Criminal Law Regional Round Table

Posted on 28.03.2019 15:33:00

North Macedonia - On March 23rd, 2019 ABA ROLI office staff in Skopje organized Criminal Law Reform round table in Skopje. The goal of this round table was to gather legal professionals from the region to discuss issues and challenges of the Criminal Procedure Codes in each of the countries. The regional round table presented the results of the project, which aimed at identifying the biggest and most common problems regarding the process position of the defense in the region, as well as advocating for improvement in this area both de jure and de facto through exchange of experiences in the interest of providing equality of parties and weapons. The ultimate goal was to open a dialogue on the necessary changes in the criminal procedural legislation of the countries in the region. This round table had around  40 participants (attorneys, professors in law, judges and prosecutors, as well as representatives of Paris Bar Association and the U.S Department of State, OPDAT).

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