BRRLN Steering Committee meeting and Strategic planning workshop

Posted on 30.11.2018 15:24:00

On November 23-24, 2018 ABA ROLI organized the BRRLN Steering Committee Meeting, BRRLN general assembly meeting and strategic planning workshop in Tirana. The General Assembly adopted decisions for elections of new President, Vice-President, Board members and new Executive director of the BRRLN. Newly elected President of the BRRLN is Mr. Maksim Haxhia – President of the Albanian Bar Association, and the new Vice-President is Mr. Osman Havoli- President of the Kosovo Bar Association. Ms. Iris Aliaj is elected as the new Executive director of the Network. The participants of this meeting- Bar Association officials, CSO representatives and ABA ROLI conducted a strategic planning workshop. The workshop included analysis of the to-date program work of the BRRLN, listing the key of program guidelines, defining of stakeholder’s map, SWOT analysis of the Network along with values and principles of the Network.





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