Macedonia CPC Module Trainings

Posted on 01.11.2018 17:52:00

On October 24-26, 2018 ABA ROLI in cooperation with the Macedonian Bar Association organized three trainings for lawyers on the topics on: Pre-trial, Evidentiary Issues and Indictment. The trainings were conducted in Skopje, Macedonia and their purpose was to enable Macedonian lawyers with an appropriate training, as well as practical skills and knowledge on the elements and stages of the criminal procedure. These trainings gathered around 50 participants-attorneys and members of the Macedonian bar Association, who used this opportunity to gain knowledge and practical skills, as well as to connect with their fellow advocates, exchange experiences and develop future potential partnerships. These training modules are part of the CPC curriculum developed by the members of the Macedonia CPC Working group, who participated in the June 2018 CPC Training of Advocate Trainers, held in Skopje. There are two more modules from the curriculum that remain to be implemented: Trial Skills module, scheduled for November 20, and Post Conviction module scheduled for November 21. Both of these module training will be held in Skopje.

The first training held was on October 24. Trainers of this training were Mr. Daniel Ivanoski and Ms. Elena Grizheva, both of them attorneys at law. The goal of this training was to help attorneys in developing skills needed for successfully representing the defendant in the pre-trial phase of the criminal proceedings like: meeting the client and preparing the defense, knowing and using defense arms during the pre-trial phase, role of the defense regarding detention, plea bargaining, writing skills for motions, defense investigation and other skills necessary for this procedure.

The second day, October 25, training for the evidentiary issues module was conducted. The goal of this course was to help lawyers understand the role and the significance of the evidence in a criminal proceedings, to get the necessary skills in finding lawful and useful evidence for the defence as well as to be able to critically overview the evidence of the indictment. The participants of this training worked closely with the trainers: Ms. Gordana Mihajlovska and Ms. Flora Ilkovska in elaborating the significance of the evidences in the criminal proceedings.

On october 26, the Indictment training module was conducted. The goal of this was to enable lawyers to understand the role and the significance in of the indictment phase of the criminal proceeding, as well as to teach them the most suitable time and way of responding to the indictment, and an appeal against confirming the Indictment. Trainers of this training were Mr. Fatmir Musa and Ms. Gordana Mitovska.



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