Balkans Regional Rule of Law Network Working Groups Meeting

Posted on 25.04.2018 11:44:00

ABA ROLI Balkans Regional Rule of Law Network organized a Working Groups Meeting in Ohrid, Macedonia (14-15 April, 2018). Twenty-four BRRLN members from four countries – Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, and Macedonia – including representatives from the Bar Associations and Civil Society Organizations took part in the working groups meeting which were divided into break out groups in four thematic areas. The groups were as follows: Strategic Planning/Sustainability working group, Criminal Law and Anti-corruption working group, Legal Aid Ex Officio Attorney and Media and Rule of Law working group, and Continuing Legal Education and Student Internship Program working group. Each group worked on different projects from their area, developed action plans and timelines for activities, as well as, communication and coordination plans for each project. The meeting was a great opportunity for the participants to work with their colleagues from other countries, share their experiences on different legal issues from the region and develop a stronger professional connection. In the upcoming period, all of the working groups will continue working on the assignments from their action plans and communicate on regular basis in order to complete their projects.

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