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Interactive Skills-Based Course on Initial Arrest and Pre-Trial Detention held in Tirana

Posted on 14.12.2015 09:58:00

On Friday (11.12.2015) attorneys Kloida Dashi and Ergert Muftiu,  gave their first lecture on initial arrest and detention in light of standards of Article 5 of the ECHR to members of the Albanian Bar Association. The fist lecutre was held in Tirana, Albania. 

Presentation was held at the School of Advocates. Lecture itself followed a model that was though at the BRRLN TOT Boot Camp in Ohrid, Macedonia, was interactive with a combination of theoretical part and skills training with cases from practice, and took attention of present attorneys. The presentation was videotaped and an online version will be made available at BRRLN’s platform. 

Training in Albania

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